Handmade Somerset honey truffles
delivered to your door.

Artisan chocolate truffles with a Somerset Honey based ganache rolled
and dipped in the finest Belgian chocolate.

Meet (some of)
the team.

During the height of the foraging season the number of bees in a thriving colony is thought to reach around 50,000. Most of them will be females who collect nectar, pollen, water and propolis. They also look after and tend to the single queen bee.

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Honey Icon Main

Somerset honey

The honey is extracted by hand and filtered once or maybe twice to remove any obvious balls of pollen or propolis. Most mass market commodity type honey loses flavour and character because it has been pasteurised and ultra filtered.

Beligian Chocolate Main

Belgian dark, milk &
white chocolate

This chocolate used in these Truffles is made with Cocoa Butter fat and not refined oils such as Palm oil. The fat in Cocoa Butter fat is known as a good fat and is what gives high quality chocolate its shine and satisfying snap.

Bee Keeper Main

Handmade carefully
with love

Each handmade truffle contains a creamy ganache made with at least 20% Somerset Honey. They are individually dipped and rolled in well tempered chocolate to provide a satisfying snap on the outside and soft creamy centre on the inside.

Bee Keeper &
Truffle Maker

As a small scale beekeeper and full time chocoholic I started making these Somerset Honey Truffles for friends and family. The response was amazing and while the Truffles are now sold in and around Wells, selling them on line so that more people could try them seemed like a natural progression.

Our Handmade Somerset Honey Truffles
Handmade Somerset Honey Truffles
(6 Pack)

4 x dark chocolates, 1 x milk chocolate,
1 x white chocolate


Handmade Somerset Honey Truffles and Somerset Honey
Gift Pack

4 x dark chocolates, 1 x milk chocolate,
1 x white chocolate and 50g of Somerset Honey


Choc-o-honeycomb 100g
Pieces of Toffee Honeycomb hand dipped in Belgium milk chocolate


Help Save Our Native Black Honey Bee

Today some Beekeepers’ still import bees from outside the UK even though it is discouraged by the British Beekeepers’ Association. Rearing queen bees in the UK over successive generations is thought to over time to produce more sustainable colonies of bees because they eventually become better suited and adapted to the variable climate of the UK.

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